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Austin Emergency Dentistry

Same-Day Appointments When Available

As your trusted oral team, we understand emergencies can happen at any given moment, and when you are experiencing pain from a toothache or blow to the jaw, we want to be your partners in providing emergency care for the most unexpected of situations. We offer same-day appointments when available, as well as affordable treatment costs, consultations in-person and over-the-phone, and additional payment plans for all our patients to provide the oral care you need and deserve. Mi Casa Family Dentistry and Orthodontics is committed to getting you effective results quickly and in the most convenient way possible.

Call our office today at (512) 270-2623 if you show any signs and symptoms such as sensitivity or toothache, an abscess on the gum, or tenderness or swelling. Learn more about our Austin emergency dentistry services.

Emergency Dental Services When Available

Maintaining strong teeth and good hygiene habits is critical to your health. However, in urgent cases, and our team has access to precise tools that can treat your issue quickly and prevent other harmful bacteria and complications from arising. By coming in to get examined, you can save yourself unnecessary and costly dental expenses later in life.

Our oral surgery specialists and Austin emergency dentists offer urgent dental services including:

  • Tooth Extractions: There are several reasons why tooth extraction may be a viable option for you in emergency cases. Some teeth may require extraction due to a severely damaged or decayed tooth, while others may have advanced periodontal disease or abnormal positioning that requires removal. Extractions are also beneficial for those dealing with a crowded mouth, infection, or risk of infection.
  • Denture Repair: If serious damage has been done to your dentures, it is important to get in touch with your oral care provider as soon as possible. Dentures go through natural wear and tear and if broken if can cause issues of fractured teeth and bones.
  • Palliative Care: Palliative treatment for dental pain is commonly used an emergency case basis because it provides quick relief of pain symptoms without complicating the underlying condition. Some treatment examples include administering sedation or prescribing pain medication prior to an office appointment or procedure.
  • Root Canal Therapy: This procedure is required when decay reaches the dental pulp, infection develops around the inner tooth or roots, and when trauma occurs to a tooth. To preserve the tooth, any infected and decaying pulp is removed and replaced with a specialized biocompatible material to seal it off.

Our Austin Emergency Dentists Offer Same-Day Appointments When Possible!

We promise exceptional care from beginning to end in our clinics. If you experience any problems such as pain, bleeding, or any other worrisome symptoms, contact our office immediately so we can help. We are open for emergency dental care for issues that may arise and may be able to provide treatments on the same day you come in for your appointment.

Call Mi Casa Family Dentistry and Orthodontics at (512) 270-2623 for Austin emergency dentistry.

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Our Patient Reviews
  • Excellent Service!

    “I've been taking my daughter here for over a year. The staff is always friendly and they are great with kids. Thank you so much for your excellent service!!”

    - Cinthya L.
  • Amazing Customer Service

    “Amazing customer service. 10/10 would recommend!!!!”

    - Danielle D.
  • Neat, Organized, & Clean

    “While being shown around I also noticed how neat, organized, and clean everything was. They also have lots of entertainment options for adults and kids which is a very nice touch.”

    - Ruby A.
  • Awesome & Friendly Staff

    “Awesome and friendly staff. Really enjoy going, they are very informative on what need to be done in order to better treat you.”

    - Juandaniel G.
  • Welcoming & Knowledgeable

    “Great experience I really like that they have TV's in the rooms, payment plans are doable and helped me get started on what I needed but my favorite part was the cleaning it was GREAT! Will be coming back for all my future appointments.”

    - Sergio A.

How We Stand Out

  • Comprehensive Care

    At our multi-specialty dental office, our team can address all dental needs in one convenient location.

  • Bilingual Team

    We can communicate our dental services comfortably with our patients in English or Spanish.

  • State of the Art Technology

    From chairs to digital x-rays, our office is equipped with modern technology for our patients' comfort.

  • Entertainment for Adults & Kids

    We provide our patients with TV's and play areas so you can stay entertained during your visit.